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More about the writer!

Where to begin.... I grew up in Tuttle, OK.  My dad was a farmer and  had three younger sisters.  Times were tough but we had all we needed and much love  I was always encouraged to work hard play fair, be kind to others, and love what you do.

During my senior year of high school a new pastor came to our church.  One of his sons, David, was the best looking guy I had ever seen.  We dated throughout my last year of school and married May 27, 1966. After a stint in the army for Dave and a job at the telephone company for me, we settled down in a beautiful mobile home in Oklahoma City.  He began work as an OKC policeman and I started college.


Fast forward a few years -- we have a son, we both graduate from college, I get my master's degree as a reading specialist, we purchase a real home, and I begin teaching in Western Heights.  We have a daughter.  We move a few times and I continue teaching in Moore and Putnam City.  

After 13 years, I obtain a principalship at Buchanan Elementary School in the OKC district.  I served as principal in several schools -- James Dennis in Putnam City, West Nichols Hills and Westwood in OKC, and opened the new Van Buren in 2000.  Somewhere during that time I earned a doctorate in education with emphasis in children literature.  I retired in 2005 after 19 years as a principal.

I also managed to teach two years at OCU as adjunct professor.  Finally, I spent five years as an independent educational consultant, working for Literacy First, Modern Red SchoolHouse, and Voyager, sharing literacy workshops with teachers all over the United States. 

Dave retired from the OKC police department as Police Chief, served under Governor David Walters as Secretary of Safety and Security, and spent 18 months in Bosnia as Deputy Chief of the International Police Force.  Both of us retired from everything except being grandparents when our grandchildren were born.  We spent several years enjoying traveling in our RV and keeping those wonderful grandchildren.  


I lost the love of my life in March, 2015.  After almost 50 years of marriage I was lost as well.  I am just now beginning to write again. 

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