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Empty Nest


I wouldn’t be like all the others

Sitting home, depressed and 



I had children at school to fill my void.



had been the center of our world.


Her friends

in and out,  banging the doors, talking.


Our house was filled with music and laughter.

Where are those sounds now?



is a feeling our house has never had.



is a word for two adults to learn.


Our fortress of solitude is

Not what we thought it would be.

My Computer


It blinks at me

It winks at me

It sings a mournful song.


It stares at me

It steals from me

It spits out words all wrong.


It snarls at me

It beeps at me

It makes me oh, so sad.


It snorts at me

It teases me

It acts as if it’s mad.


It grins at me

It leers at me

It wears a nasty frown.


It laughs at me

It flashes at me

Then stubbornly it shuts down.

My Daughter


S eldom does an hour go by I don’t think of her

T alking to me about her day

A lways willing to share her special spot on the couch

S inging silly songs with her dad

H olding her hair off her neck when it’s hot

A n extension of who I am and what I want to be.

My Poetry

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